Air End Rebuild Kits

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Air End Rebuild Kits

Air End Rebuild Kits

Air Research is committed to keeping all of our boosters operating throughout Australia and the world in tip-top condition, by offering and stocking an array of spare parts and overhaul kits.

Continued development of our machines means we can up-spec older models with newly designed performance kits and add-on parts.

Configuration changes to V8 integral boosters mean you have the flexibility to use one or 2 feed compressors up to 1800cfm, simply by changing out internal parts (a 1-2 hour job). We can provide kits and detailed instructions for the change out.

Drop in engines are also available or we can organise a back to base rebuild of your current machine.

Worn and ageing parts can drastically affect the performance of the booster and cause premature wear to expensive replacement items such as valves.

Please note: It is very important to keep the feed compressors fully serviced as the booster is only as good as the air being fed into the system. We always suggest that the manufacturers servicing guidelines are followed and carried out by a trained professional.

Contact us today to see what new parts are available for your booster.

3 Cylinder Rebuild Kit

3x Concentric Valves
3x O Ring Sets
3x Barrels
3x Pistons
3x Ring Sets

4 Cylinder Rebuild Kit

4x Concentric Valves
4x O Ring Sets
4x Barrels
4x Pistons
4x Ring Sets

6 Cylinder Rebuild Kit

6x Concentric Valves
6x O Ring Sets
6x Barrels
6x Pistons
6x Ring Sets

  • Lead times on pistons and barrels are approx. 2 weeks (unless in stock)
  • Prices are AUD, GST will not apply to orders from outside Australia.
  • Prices quoted are ex GST, ex works and do not include shipping.


For more spare parts please visit our Parts Page HERE

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