1307 Booster Compressor en route to Sudan

Chris & Ken Phillips Air Research

1307 on Route to Sudan

Booster Compressor- Straight out of our new factory in Wagga Wagga en route to Sudan is a brand new made to order 1307 AIR COMPRESSOR BOOSTER.

Our smallest most compact machine the 1307 delivers up to 1000psi from a single feed compressor up to 1300cfm.

Turn around was tight with the customer needing the machine delivered within 4 weeks. The team at ARC got the job done without compromising on quality finishes.

To cater for the remote location of the delivery site, ARC organised an assortment of spares and essential items including 20 meter air hoses and fittings, filters and air side rebuild kits to ship together with the booster to Sudan.

  • Made to your specification
  • Quick turn around built times
  • Superior built quality
  • Packaging and shipping options available

Spares Kit

We have a reliable supply chain with experienced personnel offering a premium service ready to build you a hard working machine that will meet your drilling needs. Chris is passionate about delivering a truly amazing product that will stand the test of time. 

Check out the full specifications of the 1307 booster compressor HERE

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booster compressor 1307



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