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CLS is proud to introduce the addition of Nitrogen Membrane Units to our rental fleet and our sales product offerings. In addition to our world class compressors, boosters, pumps, and support equipment, we now can provide our customers with a superior method of producing high purity gaseous nitrogen in the field, or at the jobsite. By using mobile, or site air compression, this Nitrogen Membrane unit can help alleviate the troublesome logistics and the high costs associated with getting liquefied nitrogen trucked, pumped, and vaporized at worksite locations.

Over the past year, we have been developing, designing, and extensively testing this new system. We can now offer a product that provides a great alternative to using liquefied nitrogen for drilling applications, pipeline testing, offshore oil and gas and plant work. Our product also offers many beneficial features that other membrane unit producers are not currently offering.

We built this unit with high respect to safety, mobility, quality, superior performance, membrane and filter longevity, and simplified maintenance and operation. Please see our attached brochure for a brief description of the units features and capabilities. The CLS Sales and Engineering team will be glad to discuss and show you this new unit , its features, and it’s operational benefits. Please feel free to contact us with your needs and questions.

Nitrogen Membrane Unit Features

  • Seven Part Process -Air precooling, condensate and oil removal and separation, filtration and treatment of air, air reheating, membrane nitrogen and oxygen separation, purity control, low measurement/ metering.
  • Increased Flexibility – Works with after-cooled or non after-cooled feed air (screw) compressors.
  • Condensate and Oil Removal – The air is cleaned of water and oil using a mesh pad scrubber, coarse coalescer, ne coalescer, and carbon fillter for better membrane performance and longevity. All scrubbers, filters, and piping are ASME code welded 304SS to prevent damage to the membranes from rust.
  • No Bulk Loose Carbon – Carbon filter has 2 large carbon elements, not bulk loose carbon, for better and safer/more user-friendly maintenance.
  • Air is Reheated – The air is reheated to an optimal temperature by 50/50 ethylene glycol in a tube and shell heat exchanger. The air does not come into contact with hot heating elements and is therefore not a re hazard.
  • Nitrogen Purity – Can be controlled in 0.1% increments from 90% to 99.5%.
    Cone Style Flow Meter – Measures ow rate for the entire ow range of nitrogen, or air if the membrane units are in the bypass mode.
  • Nitrogen Purity Alarm Modes – Mode 1 alerts the operator if purity falls below expectations, Mode 2 alerts the operator if purity falls below expectations, shuts the outlet, and diverts ow to vent for applications where no  o -spec nitrogen can be allowed downstream.
  • Process Controllers – Auto and hand modes control pre-cooler fan speed, air re-heat, and purity. Operation is simple and accessible to the user without the need for laptops or programming changes.
  • Custom Built Steel Enclosure – The unit is enclosed in an insulated custom built steel enclosure, not a sea container, with access through all sides and roof via doors with latching hardware. The improved access is critical for needed maintenance operations, an item often overlooked in competitor’s designs.
  • Locked Down Unit – The unit can be locked down to an optional oilfield skid with bump guards using its ISO corner blocks and can include a generator to provide power, without sacrificing space for access and full door openings.
  • Alarm Beacon – 2 different colors, 1 for fault/low purity, and 1 for low enclosure oxygen level for personnel protection.
  • Compact Footprint – Length =13’, Width= 8’, Height=8’ 6”, 18,000 lbs. with integrated forklift slots for easy loading and unloading.

Designed for approximately 900-400 SCFM of feed air depending upon conditions such as inlet pressure and inlet temperature.

99.5 565 000 392
99 878 000 610
98.5 1 115 000 774
98 1 315 000 913
97.5 1 493 000 1037
97 1 715 000 1191
96.5 1 895 000 1316
96 2 118 000 1471
95.5 2 330 000 1618
95 2 550 000 1771
94.5 2 725 000 1892
94 2 855 000 1983
93.5 3 001 000 2084
93 3 193 000 2217
92.5 3 407 000 2366
92 3 629 000 2520

*With adequate feed air at standard conditions of 320 PSI inlet of air from 90-180F to the inlet unit, 130 at the membranes.

Technical Specifications

Unit TypeNitrogen Membrane
Power SourceGenerator
Power125 KW
Max suction pressure (psi / bar)320 / 22
Flow volume900-4000 scfm
Weight (lb / kg)29,000 / 13154.179
Overall dimensions, L x W x H (in / mm)13’ x 8’ x 8’ 6” / 3962 x 2438 x 2591

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