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Chris & Ken Phillips Air Research

Chris & Ken Phillips – 2007

Air Research has always been a family business, I remember going out on the mining sites when I was just 5 years old with Dad- Landcruiser Utes, drilling rigs, the wildlife, lots of red dust, fillet steak (in the good years!)- some fond memories.

Dad passed away in 2013, It wasn’t a shock but it was too soon. I often find myself picking up the phone to call him to ask about a compression ratio or heat disbursement matter, not to mention how to get to that great fishing spot off the coast of Kangaroo Island.

I always wanted to be apart of his business, I love the machines he designed and built and am very proud to be making new ones to add to his impressive line up.

I’m passionate about expanding overseas and exploring new markets on and off shore. I want to align our company with like minded organisation to collaboratively bring the drilling customer the best service possible.

The mining industry has its ups and downs but I’m here with my Dad behind me and my 3 Son’s ahead of me building on the foundations left by my Dad- Ken Phillips.

– Chris Phillips

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