Can I change the configuration of my current in service booster for more pressure or volume?
Yes, there are different configuration’s / kits available to change the input and outputs of each machine.

Can I run 1 feed compressor into a machine designed for 2 or more? E.g 900 or 1100cfm into 1800cfm machine.
The short answer NO, not without doing potential damage to the booster. For a more thorough answer please give us a call .

What parts are recommended for an air end overhaul
For a complete overhaul to bring your booster back up to spec. We recommend: Cylinder Barrels, Pistons, Piston Rings, O-ring Sets & Concentric Valves.

What is the fuel economy (hours of operation from a full tank)?
Our Compressor Boosters are designed to be able to have fuel for a full 12 hour shift
– 1809/1310 (33l per hour) at full load.
– 2410 (50l per hour) at full load.

Do ARC boosters have certified lifting and tie down points?
Yes they do.

Do Air Research Booster have extreme cold start options?
Yes we do. Core heaters are an optional add on. Please contact us for pricing.