CLS Signature Series Offshore Booster


Offshore booster compressor

CLS-manufacturers/ builds/assembles the entire Offshore booster compressor unit, DNV skid, vessels and packages everything in house. No third party manufacturers are used to assemble this booster compressor. This process ensures quality control throughout the entire package.

Standard features

  • Engine: Cummins QSX-15 600hp inline 6-cylinder, turbo charged, tier 3 flex diesel (rig safe air inlet/over speed shutdown).
  • Exhaust muffler: Critical grade spark arresting, safety insulated turbo, manifold, pipe and muffler.
  • Control panel: Offshore sealed/316 stainless steel by CLS, with throttle control, and complete engine and compressor systems pressure and diagnostic monitoring, with protective safety shutdowns.
  • Starter: Air and electric.
  • Fuel tank: Small double wall fuel cell designed to be quick coupled to large fuel or rig tank fuel source.
  • Gear reduction: Cotta 3:1 reduction case.
  • Compressor: Gardner-Denver JY500/WB-12.
  • 1st stage compressor cylinder: Gardner-Denver 6” bore 1700 psi MAWP 7” stroke (cylinder hydro tested to 2550 psi).
  • 2nd stage compressor cylinder: CLS 3.75” bore 3200 psi MAWP 7” stroke (cylinder hydro-tested to 4800 psi).
  • Vessels: All asme code certified by CLS one for each stage of compression.
  • Cooler: Fin-x asme code certified intercooler and aftercooler with stainless-steel tubes and antistatic fan and belts and manual louvers for temperature control.
  • Skid: Offshore DNY 2.7-1 certified and tested container skid with galvanized roof grating skid has 4-point lift and fork pockets with seal welding for full oil/spill containment with corner drains.
  • Lifting slings: DNY certified lifting slings and shackles, designed for crane use.
  • Piping: Made by certified welders to B31.3 specifications and 100% hydro-tested and x-ray on all piping welds.
  • Valves: Heavy duty full port ball valves
  • Paint: CLS –diamond vogel offshore zinc coating 3-part system

Use Applications

  • Pipeline pressure testing with air/nitrogen/natural gas
  • Pipeline dewatering
  • Pipeline commissioning
  • Pigging and cleaning
  • Pipeline gas transfer/evacuation
  • Air drilling
  • Underbalanced/controlled pressure drilling
  • Nitrogen boosting
  • Aerated mud/foam/ and mist drilling
  • Offshore and deepwater and down hole construction and testing
  • Pipe pressure testing
  • Anywhere where air/nitrogen/gas pressure needs to be boosted from primary compressors or pressurized sources
    Suction pressure controllers and discharge recycle control equipment and high pressure filtration equipment and accessories can be added to the suction and the discharge of this unit.

Technical Specifications

Compressor TypePiston
Drive EngineCummins QSX-15
Power600 hp @ 1800 rpm
Max suction pressure (psi / bar)350 / 24
Max working discharge pressure (psi / bar)2500 / 173
Engine oil capacity (gal / I)12 / 45
Max operating ambient temp. (°F / °C)125 / 52
Weight (lb / kg)37,800 / 17,146
Overall dimensions, L x W x H (in / mm)19’10.5” x 8'6" x 9'6" / 6058 x 2591 x 2896

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